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G1000 Type Nano Heat Insulation Board

G1000 nano-insulation board is a high-performance material developed by our company using new nano-composite technology and completely relying on independent research and development. Its thermal insulation performance is twice that compared to traditional fiber products and micro-porous calcium silicate products,  At the same time, it has better temperature resistance and durability, is not prone to crystallization and pulverization, and its thermal insulation effect is not attenuated, with excellent performance.

This product is widely used in various thermal kilns and equipment, which can meet the higher standard design and use selection of engineers and technicians in this field.

Better thermal insulation effect can significantly reduce heat loss, and drive the realization of energy-saving and consumption-reducing goals in various industries. the thickness could be thinner in places where space is strictly restricted.

Product Data


Product Applications

Cement industry: Preheater calciner tertiary air dust kiln hood, internal insulation parts such as grate cooler flue

·Ceramic kiln, lime kiln, electric boiler

·Aluminium melt furnace electrolytic cell

·Other thermal equipment

Specification(length x width) mm





·Specific specifications can be processed as required

The thickness:15、20、25、30、35、40、50、60、70、80mm


Low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, good insulation durability, It does not contain asbestos, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine, etc., and is environmentally friendly.

It is a high-performance material welcomed by metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields.








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