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Aust products are sent to a well-known cement enterprise in Xingtai

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  On April 18,2020,our staff received a notice from a well-known cement enterprise in Xingtai City,Hebei Province:it is necessary to use Aust nano thermal insulation board in the decomposition furnace,and try to apply new thermal insulation materials to replace the original calcium silicate board,but it is only three days before the kiln is stopped for maintenance,so the time is urgent!As we all know,the time during the overhaul period is precious,and the work arrangement is race against the clock.There is no room for any delay and waste.There are only three days left for us!Through the full efforts of the front-line production personnel,it took us only two days from signing the contract to arranging production and then arriving at the site for delivery.We arrived at the use site one day in advance,and fully fulfilled our commitment as a supplier!The choice comes from trust.Thank the owner for the recognition of Aust products!

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