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Aust-GR650 type insulation paint

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In the field of thermal treatment, waste heat utilization is paid more and more attention by various industries. At present, in the dynamic heat transfer of waste heat generation and circulating air pipeline of hot kiln, most high temperature pipelines are only made of external insulation. In the heat exchange between hot air and pipeline, the lower the heat exchange efficiency between hot air and pipeline is in the constant time from the inlet to the outlet of hot air per unit volume, the less heat loss.

According to the special working environment of hot air pipe, Aust-GR650 internal thermal insulation coating is developed by Luoyang Aust, which can provide long-term thermal insulation of high temperature pipe between 250 degrees and 650 degrees. It is suitable for surface coating of hot air pipeline substrates in many industries, with many advantages such as fire retardant, anti-corrosion and acid resistance (except hydrofluoric acid), insulation protection and so on. The new nano technology can reduce the heat loss rate by more than 60%. After the coating is fully cured, the coating with ultra-low thermal conductivity is formed, so as to achieve the effect of reducing heat loss, no cracking and no shedding, which can effectively extend the service life of the pipeline.

The product is composed of high temperature adhesive, high temperature nano insulation material and additives. It can work in the environment below 650℃ for a long time, insulating equipment and reducing heat loss. It can be applied to high temperature steam pipe, high temperature chimney, high temperature flue and high temperature hot gas pipe in iron and steel metallurgy, cement manufacturing, thermal power generation and other fields.


Paint is applied on the inside of high temperature pipe to reduce heat loss during high temperature flue gas transmission. Compared with other products, Osternay thermal insulation coating has the following advantages:


Can work within 650℃ environment for a long time, and has a high strength.


Coating has good bonding ability, not easy to fall off, can be directly painted on metal, brick, concrete, wood and other surfaces, coating is non-combustible.


Effectively reduce heat transfer rate.


No harmful substances, VOC and other components, construction and use of the process will not cause harm to human body.

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