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Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Aust products are exported to Pakistan

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  On March 24,Luoyang Aust nano thermal insulation board was loaded and ready to be shipped to the port and transported to Pakistan's large cement company.




  Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise focusing on the scientific research,development,production and sales of energy-saving refractories such as microporous insulation bricks,low iron microporous bricks,nano insulation boards,high-temperature adhesives,thermal insulation ramming materials,modified perlite,etc.

  Our nano thermal insulation board is widely used in thermal industry:

  In the cement industry,preheater,calciner,kiln head cover,grate cooler,tertiary air duct,smoke chamber riser,etc;

  Heating furnace electrolyzer in non-ferrous metallurgy industry;

  Cracking furnace boiler pipeline in petrochemical power industry;

  Ceramic kilns,incinerators,hot blast furnaces,aluminum melting furnaces, other industries.

  Luoyang Aust products have won the recognition of domestic and foreign users with excellent quality.The products are widely used in metallurgy,chemical industry,ceramics,electric power,electronics,building materials,non-ferrous metals and other fields,and are exported to Vietnam、Indonesia、India、Malaysia、Philippines、Africa and other countries and regions.Guided by the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies,guided by the market,and adhering to the working philosophy of"scientific and technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence",the company has gathered a number of technical teams committed to the research and development of energy-saving refractories,contributing to the energy conservation,consumption reduction and sustainable development of the thermal industry!

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