Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.


Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in scientific research, development, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency energy-saving refractory insulation materials. The company independently developed and obtained national invention patent products: micro-porous thermal insulation brick, high-temperature adhesive, high thermal insulation ramming material, kiln roof nano sealing material, and permeable refractory modifying agent. At the same time also has more than a dozen practical patents.

Taking the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction as the guidance and the market as orientation, instating on the working philosophy of “scientific and technological innovation and striving for excellence”, gathering a group of professional and technical talents being committed to research and development of energy-efficient refractory materials, leading corporate development with innovation, creating corporate responsibility with quality, writing about corporate ideal with green and environmental protection, and adhering to the spirits of pragmatism and aggressiveness, exploration and innovation, the company has become a new high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights integrating technical research and development, production and manufacture as well as technical services through joint endeavors of staffs.

Luoyang Aust skillfully combined the high strength of refractory insulation bricks and the low thermal conductivity of refractory insulation cotton, and researched a new era of lightweight refractory insulation materials. The product has small bulk density, high strength and low thermal conductivity, which broadens the new path of energy saving and consumption reduction of thermal kilns, and provides a reliable material guarantee for the structural improvement and energy saving and consumption reduction of traditional thermal kilns.

Luoyang Aust has won the trust of customers with its rigorous and realistic scientific research attitude, strong research and development capabilities and perfect quality assurance system. Products have been widely sold to Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Africa, and other countries and regions.








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