Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Aust Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.


  Luoyang Oust Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd.focuses on the research and development,production and sales of energy-saving refractory insulation materials.The company independently developed and obtained national invention patents products are:microporous insulation brick,high temperature binder,high insulation ramming material,kiln top nano sealing material,permeable refractory modifier,but also has more than a dozen practical patents.

  The company is guided by the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy,and thoroughly implements the national decision to accelerate the development of new materials industry.Market-oriented,committed to the technology upgrade of refractory insulation materials,intelligent manufacturing innovation and development;Adhere to the working concept of"scientific and technological innovation,the pursuit of extraordinary",and continue to explore and develop high-grade refractory insulation materials,functional new materials and other industrial fields of energy saving and environmental protection new products.The company gathers a group of energy-saving refractory research and development of professional technical personnel,with innovation to promote the development of enterprises,with quality cast corporate responsibility,with green environmental protection writing corporate ideals,pragmatic and enterprising,pioneering and innovative,through the joint efforts of all employees,has become an independent intellectual property rights,technology research and development,manufacturing,technical services as one of the integrated manufacturing service providers.

  Luoyang Oust cleverly integrates the high strength of refractory insulation brick and the low thermal conductivity of refractory insulation cotton into one,creating a new era of lightweight refractory insulation materials.The product has small body density,high strength and low thermal conductivity,which broadens the new path of energy saving and consumption reduction of thermal kiln,and provides a reliable material guarantee for the structural improvement and energy saving and consumption reduction of traditional thermal kiln.

  Luoyang Oust has won the trust of customers with rigorous and realistic scientific research attitude,strong R&D capability and perfect quality assurance system.Our products are widely used in metallurgy,chemical industry,ceramics,electric power,electronics,building materials,non-ferrous metals and other fields,and are exported to Vietnam,Indonesia,India,Malaysia,the Philippines,Africa and other countries and regions.








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